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The youngest son of film and television icon Darren McGavin, Beau was born and raised in the bright lights of Hollywood. Beau first became fascinated with photojournalism while watching his father on set for the groundbreaking TV series "The Night Stalker." Instead of becoming an investigator of the macabre, Beau has instead become recognized as the definitive photographer/videographer of Los Angeles' club empire.

Over the years Beau has relentlessly captured countless unique moments of joy, celebration, style, and sophistication. So many that he possesses the world's largest archive of American electronic dance and club culture images--from its earliest infancy to today's explosive nationwide phenomenon.

Beau's photography has been seen in URB Magazine, L.A. Weekly, Club Life, Time, MixMag, BPM, AVN, and Spin Magazines. Beau continues to capture the spectacle of nightlife in both film and video, and is sought after around the world.

Beau is presently open to forming partnerships with qualified investors to develop a new generation of films that tap into the demand for stories drawn from the rich diversity of this growing youth phenomenon.

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